What style of false eyelashes should you choose according to the shape of your eyes?

Small Eyes : Opt for light, short false eyelashes to define your eyes without weighing them down. Avoid bangs that are too long or thick for a natural look.

Big Eyes : Choose voluminous false eyelashes to accentuate the size of your eyes and highlight your expressive eyes.

Almond Eyes : False eyelashes suitable for all shapes are suitable. For a natural look, opt for a length and shape similar to your natural lashes.

Round Eyes : Prefer eyelashes with a beveled shape to break up the round appearance of your eyes.

Drooping Eyes : Enhance your look by choosing lashes that are longer in the middle and shorter on the outer corners to rebalance your look.

Monolid Eyes : You have the choice between false eyelashes to round off, straight eyelashes for a natural look, or beveled eyelashes to open your eyes.

These tips will help you choose the perfect false eyelashes to enhance the shape of your eyes and highlight your look.

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